A word from the principal

The administration and teaching staff are pleased to welcome you for a new school year and we wish you an excellent 2018-2019 school year.

Your choice of Lycée Denis Diderot bears witness to the trust that you have placed in our school and our teaching staff. It also shows, your confidence in the French education system and the AEFE network.

Many projects have been undertaken, continued or extended in partnership with the School Board.

On the educational level, the teaching of languages in primary has been reinforced in English (CLIL system) and enhanced by the introduction of Kiswahili (optional in Pre-School, compulsory in Elementary). A dual assistance system enables the integration and support of non-French speaking pupils. The support scheme for students with severe learning difficulties are reinforced by 4 educational assistants. Students with specific needs may also benefit from sessions with the speech therapist.

In secondary, the British international section is now open for the grade “1ère”. The option will be introduced during the baccalaureate examination of 2020.

The school is endowed with a new project. It entails, as a priority the success and the development of each student. It formalizes also the importance of languages in our English-speaking environment.

The teaching of English plays an important role, the lessons are organized by competency groups and the level achieved by the pupils of primary grade is excellent. Certifications in all the languages taught are available: the DELF PRIM for non-French Speaking pupils, the Cambridge for the non-English Speaking (the school is a Cambridge examination center). There are also German and Spanish certifications (in partnership with the Goethe Institute and the Cervantes Institute).

As part of the education for the citizenship, the waste sorting will be widespread.

On the school life level, several shows, concerts and events have been organized (Francophonie, talent show, Spring Fair). They all contribute to the development of the school.

The success of our students is based on the exceptional involvement of the teachers, and also on the support and encouragement of the parents.

As an establishment under convention, the involvement of the parents has a particular dimension since the Board has a role in the financial and budgetary management. This leads to a complementary decisions-sharing for a good functioning of the school.

I call upon all volunteer parents to lend their skills to the development of the school in the the Board (and its attached commissions), in one of the educational bodies or as a parent association representative.

I take this opportunity to wish a good back-to-school and an excellent school year 2018-2019 to all of you, parents and students.

M. Yvan SCHMITT, Principal