International and multilingual focus

The French School hosts more than 50 nationalities and develops its international focus by fostering a multilingual environment.

An all-embracing Francophone education

The French School in Nairobi is the only school that enables the acquisition of two major international languages.

The non-French speaking students can be admitted up to age 7years. Immersed in a Francophone environment, they are further supported by a remedial system run by teachers who are specialized in French language acquisition. This way, these students take up their rightful place in the school and contribute to its cultural and linguistic diversity.

An International School

From the tender pre-school years, the French school children are exposed to cultural and linguistic diversity and more specifically to the Kenyan environment that has hosted the school since its inception in 1962.

Additionally, our students have the opportunity to join the British international section, from 6ème (year 7), with the possibility to take the Brevet and the Baccalauréat with an option in English known as OIB (International Option Baccalaureate).

Students have 6 hours taught in English added to their weekly timetable (2 hours of History-Geography and 4 hours of English Language and Literature). The international section offered in our school is therefore a major asset for the students who wish to pursue higher studies at an international level.

Given the recognition of the French Baccalauréat, French School graduates can pursue further studies anywhere in the world : in France, the USA, Canada, the UK, in Kenya etc.

Multilingual students

Multilingualism is at the heart of our objectives. The French school is not just a Francophone school. Rather, it also enables every student to be proficient in English:

  • In pre-school and elementary school, 30% of learning is in English (EMILE system). In elementary school 3hours a week are dedicated to learning English ;
  • In high school, students get an augmented language teaching adapted to their language level.

English lessons at all levels are based on proficiency levels. This allows for personalized attention to the beginners all while pushing the bilingual ones to perfect their mastery of English.

Finally, just like French instruction is exclusively delivered by native French speakers or native Francophones, English lessons are taught by native Anglophone teachers.

From 5ème (Yr8), the French school offers a third language (Spanish or German) as well as mandarin as a co-curriculum subject.