AEFE Network

The French School is a member of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), the world's largest network of schools. The Agency gives expatriate families, regardless of their nationality, the possibility to seamlessly continue their children's education as they change international postings.

Unparalelled international network of schools

France has the largest network of schools abroad. There're 495 schools in 137 countries with a student population of more than 342,000 students.

These schools champion universal values, tolerance, humanity, equality, intellectual inquisitiveness and the promotion of a critical mind. The network allows a seamless transition from preschool to Baccalauréat i.e. From 3-18yrs. On the strength of a vibrant, competitive and open network, the schools offer an internationally recognised education.

In the last 20yrs, the network has registered a 50% growth in student population; a testimony of the quality of teaching.

Thanks to significant funding from the French Government, school fees are at an affordable level.


Success for each and every student is the stated objective of a network that prides itself of a very high pass rate for the Baccalauréat (96% on average in all the schools). Some of our former students mange to secure admission in prestigious schools as well as in the best universities in the world.


AEFE's network of schools educate children from all walks of life. Our schools are cultural and linguistic melting pots, purveyors of shared experiences based on strong values. A pilot language teaching program enables local students to acquire French, to teach the host country language to all students and to promote the teaching of English as well as other international languages in a multicultural context.


The fact of admitting students drawn the host country as well as those of other nationalities (more than 60%), the network adds lustre to the French language and culture. By fostering intercultural communication and understanding, it creates enduring affinity between France and the students.