Pre-school (3-6 yrs)

The French system of education stands out for the quality of pre-school education. The chief objective of pre-school is to elicit the urge to go school to learn, to assert oneself and to form their personality.

Ours is a school where children learn and live together. They develop language skills, encounter the written word, numbers and other areas of learning. Learning is through play, thought, effort, memory and recall.

The French School admits preschoolers from the age of 3yrs. An average class size for pre-school is 23 pupils (2017 stats). They are taught by a French teacher, an English teacher who teaches in English and a class assistant.

This conducive environment enables every child to integrate and grow. Non French-speaking children are able to learn French naturally and settle in quickly. Likewise French-speaking children quickly familiarize with the English language that they use in their daily interactions.