Elementary school (6-11 yrs)

The objective of elementary school is to enable learners to acquire fundamental tools of knowledge. Mastery of the French language and the fundamentals of mathematics are the primary objectives. This happens in a very conducive environment where class-sizes are about 22 (2017 stats).

The three levels of elementary education (CP, CE1 CE2) are dedicated to foundational learning. The learners acquire the tools to interrogate the world, artistic education (arts and music), physical and sports education and civic and moral teaching. The next two years (CM1, CM2) allow them to enrich and buttress the knowledge. Moreover, they discover science and technology, history, geography and history of the arts.

Elementary education in the French system also enables the non-English speaking students to be grounded in English given that 30% of the teaching is in English (Cf. Page 5). The school also gives tailored support to students who are yet to master French (Cf insert).

We strive to promote plurality and diverse skills in our students. Besides logic and intellectual thought, we lay a great emphasis on developing their sense of observation, love for heuristic learning, sensitivity and motor skills such as creative imagination.