Mid-school (11-15 yrs)

At the end of primary school all students proceed to Mid-school (4yrs- 6ème, 5ème, 4ème and 3ème). 6eme class is meant for the consolidation of primary school knowledge and for initiation into Mid-school curriculum. In 5ème and 4ème, the objective is to deepen the students' knowledge and aptitudes while 3ème enables them to cement Mid-school content and to prepare them for high school. At the end of 3ème, the students take a national O-level exam equivalent.

Mid-school course content is structured in disciplines: French, mathematics, History and geography, civics, biology and natural sciences, physics and chemistry, technology, arts, music, physical and sports education. These are supplemented by languages: English- taught according to level to meet the real needs of the students and 5ème they learn a second language: Spanish or German.

At the French school, students enjoy a very good learning atmosphere particularly with teacher/student ratios that way better than national average. In 2017 average class size was 20