High school (15-18 yrs)

High school comprises 3 years of learning (2nd, 1st and terminale). At the end of 2nd, students choose a concentration for Baccalauréat exams in a specialty that best suits them. The French school offers three options: General Baccalauréat :

  • Economics and Social Baccalauréat or ES: puts a keen focus on the socioeconomic discipline, current affairs as well as history/geography and mathematics.
  • Literature option or L: develops a critical mind, ability to breakdown pieces of information into coherent whole, keen interest in literature, languages, history, geography and the arts.
  • Science option or S: this involves abstraction ability, intellectual rigor, love for experiment and scientific culture.

The French school provides a learning environment is very conducive for success with an average class-size of 17 (2017 stats). Some classes have an even smaller number of students.