Post-bac studies

Given that the French Baccalauréat is internationally recognized, French school students can pursue further studies in most countries in the world.

France is still the destination of choice given the high quality and affordability of higher education. In recent years, former French school students have secured admission into feeder schools for top schools (INSA Lyon, Lycées Louis-le-Grand, Montaigne...) as well as top universities.

Others have sought higher education elsewhere: in Canada (HEC Montreal...), in the US (HULT International Business School…), UK, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Egypt Malaysia etc.

In matters of career guidance, the French school and the AEFE have a program that enables students to choose from a wide range of courses.

Higher Education in France

Built on a illustrious heritage, higher education in France has continued to make a mark of excellence. As a testimony to its competitiveness, France ranks third, after the USA and the UK, as a destination for foreign students and first as non-anglophone destination. Foreign students account for 12% of the student population in France.

The French government pays a capitation of between 10,000 - 14,000 euros to public universities. This makes tuition fees among the lowest in the world all while maintaining quality of degrees conferred.

Moreover, the top students in French schools abroad can apply for scholarships to pursue further studies in France under a special scholarship program : Bourse Excellence-Majeur.

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