The General Assemblies

The General Assembly is the major moment in the life of the Association. All parents of students are invited to participate, as they are all, in fact, members of the Parents of Students Association.

It shall be convened at least twice a year, and in particular within one month of the start of the school year, to replace the members of the Board of Directors who have resigned, left or are at the end of their term of office.

Parents of students have only one vote per family. Any parent may be represented by means of a written proxy given before the opening of the general meeting to the Secretary of the Board, specifying the name of the representative. No member may hold more than two powers of vote by proxy.

The prerogatives of the General Assembly are broad:

  • It shall elect or renew its representatives on the Board.
  • It hears the academic report presented by the management of the school and deliberates on the activity report and the financial report of the Association of Parents of Students.
  • It discusses the draft forecast budget
  • More generally, it deliberates on major decisions for the life of the school that exceeds the competence of the Board of Directors