The Board of Directors


The Board of Directors, called in other institutions Management Committee, has jurisdiction over all matters that affect the institution’s finances (adoption of the budget, expenditure management, validation of hires, contracts, salary grids, school fees...). So it has a very important role in the life of the institution.


According to the by-laws of the Association, the Board of Directors is composed of 10 representatives of the parents of pupils, voting members, and elected by the General Assembly for 2 years:

  • 5 parents of French children
  • 5 parents of non-French children

Also members of the Board, but without voting rights:

  • The Principal
  • The Director of the Primary
  • The Administrative and Financial Director
  • 2 representatives of teachers
  • 1 representative of non-teaching staff

The Elected Board of directors

You can contact the members of the Board of Directors of the Lycée Denis Diderot at the following address :

Organization of the board of directors

In addition to the monthly meetings of the Board of Directors, the work of its members is carried out through committees :

  • Finance Committee
  • Human Resources Commission
  • Social Commission
  • Security Committee

An administrative assistant to the Board of Directors shall ensure the necessary follow-up of cases which fall within the competence of the board, Secretariat to the board and General Assemblies and facilitates communication between the board and parents.

Finally, 2 parent volunteers accompany the BOD in its institutional control function. Appointed by the General Assembly, the 2 controllers are:

  • Mme. Elena AMADIO
  • M. Omar Zarai