School canteen

School canteen services are available everyday including Wednesdays and Fridays according to the following schedule:

Kindergarten : 12H00 except on wednesday and friday 11H30
Elementary : 12H00 everyday
Secondary : 12H15 everyday

The meals are prepared at school by a private supplier (Lenana Haus) and we take great care to guarantee quality and balanced diet in our meals including for children with special dietary needs.

A canteen commission has been formed and meets on a regular basis to verify compliance with health regulations and to ensure the smooth running of the canteen service.

Registrations are done at the beginning of each year.

Pricing for year 2017-2018)

Annual billing

5 days

4 days

3 days


73 000 Ksh

58 400 Ksh

43 800 Ksh


87 000 Ksh

69 600 Ksh

52 200 Ksh


99 000 Ksh

79 200 Ksh

59 400 Ksh

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