Educational System

In accordance with the principles of the French school system, the school welcomes children from 3 years old.

A Recognized System of Education

The French system of education is internationally acclaimed for its academic rigour. It is underpinned by these fundamental objectives: rekindle the love for learning, inculcate the culture of hard work, personalized teaching regardless of one’s abilities.

From pre-school right through to Baccalauréat level, we equip the students with tools to acquire the requisite skills and knowledge all while encouraging autonomy and innovative methods.

The pedagogy is informed by different digital techniques with every classroom being kitted with smartboards.

French School Curriculum

Guaranteed Quality of Teaching

The AEFE’s certification guarantees quality education on a par with the highest standards of French and international education. The results obtained by French Schools students in different exams attest to this: they are way above the national averages.

This excellence is first and foremost ascribable to the quality of teachers. Most of the high school teachers are certified by the French Ministry of Education and seconded to school. The rest are also certified teachers directly recruited by the school. They are all professionals with instructional and disciplinary skills and regularly updated through the AEFE’s in-service training.

The desire to learn and the culture of hard work are further stimulated by the school’s participation in several academic competitions (maths and science contests…) with the best students frequently taking part in the Concours General: the prestigious French award.