ECA (Extra Curricular Activities)

What are AES (extra-curricular activities)?

The AES are sporting, cultural or linguistic activities that are offered to students outside the curriculum and school time . Students have the opportunity to participate in one or more AES, according to their desires.

Modalities for 2021-2022

When will the activities start?

The activities will start on November 15, 2021 and will end on July 1 , 2022. 30 sessions are planned for the entire school year.

What are the prices ?

The price of each activity is 22,000 ksh for the whole school year , with the exception of learning a musical instrument which falls under a specific pricing of 30,000 ksh for the whole year. These receipts essentially make it possible to cover the remuneration of the speakers who, for the most part, are external to the school.

Proposed activities and schedule:

For more information :

Grandpa Yoga – PE teacher, AES coordinator
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