<h1>AES (Extra Curricular Activities)</h1>

What are AES (extra-curricular activities)?

The AES are sporting, cultural or linguistic activities that are offered to students outside the curriculum and school time . Students have the opportunity to participate in one or more AES, according to their desires.

Modalities for 2022-2023

The AES registration campaign for the 2022/2023 school year is now open. Registration is done via the EDUKA portal: click here

New: parents are also entitled to their own activities and can register like students via the Eduka platform.

.The activities will start on Monday 19 September and will follow the school calendar until Friday 7 July.

List of activities for 2022-2023
LFIDD tops the MUN awards
ADN Exchanges
LFIDD at Lion’s Games
Olympic and Paralympic Week