The School Project

The French school system is internationally recognized for its academic qualities.

Approved by the School Board on February 18, 2016, the School Plan sets out the ambitions and objectives of the management and teaching teams . These are declined in 3 axes, themselves specified in 3 objectives and sub-objectives:

    • Axis 1: “the student’s academic success”
    • Axis 2: “student citizens of a changing world”
    • Axis 3: “learning autonomy and responsibility

The school project is integrated into the school project. Another document, the Strategic Orientation Plan (POS) , is drawn up between the Management (and staff representatives), the French Embassy and the Parents’ Association (represented by the members elected to the Board of Directors) and administration. The POS deals with files relating to the image of the establishment, its attractiveness (for parents and staff), communication and the relocation project.