BCD of the primary school

The French school system is internationally recognized for its academic qualities.

The library documentary center (BCD) of the primary school

Located at the bottom of the primary schoolyard, the BCD welcomes all members of the school community, students, teachers, staff and parents of students. It is placed under the responsibility of Mr. Baptiste METAIS.

The BCD offers a pleasant work space , consisting of a friendly reading corner and a listening corner where students like to come to read, choose a book to borrow, prepare their presentations… In compliance with the internal regulations, the BCD is a place where calm must be respected, but where one has the right to speak in a low voice.

The documentary research is designed on the basis of the Dewey classification and the “BCDI3 School” documentary language. Three secure workstations connected to the internet and to the BCD database are available to students for research that is part of their class projects.

  • The BCD plays an essential role in the school, it is a real support in the learning of the pupils and in their acquisition of autonomy.
  • The BCD is at the heart of school life. It promotes reading in both languages: English and French.
  • Animations and educational activities, around the book and reading, are organized there in order to put the book at the service of learning-pleasure. Students can also go there to do research. Every week the classes come for an animation on the book and to borrow books.

It is open Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. and Fridays from 8:15 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

It is open during recreation hours within the limit of available places and respecting the timetable. Two slots per week are reserved for each class during recess, during which students can come and change their books, read wisely or ask for information.

The BCD has a capacity of 15 students per session.

All classes from Petite Section to CM2 have one BCD slot per week . The students come in half-groups accompanied by Baptiste for activities / workshops around books, to do research or to complete a class project. During this time, the other students work in class or on computers with their teacher. Volunteer parents also accompany them to read and have them read or to work in small groups.

BCD Terms of Use

The BCD has a bilingual collection (French and English) of more than 14,800 works divided into categories: albums, novels, stories, comic strips, documentaries, dictionaries and encyclopedias, magazines published by Bayard and Milan, books -CDs, and DVDs.

It also has literary series of over 75 titles for ongoing classroom reading.

The BCD is therefore a place of reading and documentary research. This is not an annex to the playground.

Each student has a personal account which allows them to borrow – a book for kindergarten students and 3 books for both cycle 2 and 3 for a period of 15 days.

  • Each class benefits from a weekly time slot according to the schedule, during which the librarian offers educational activities in both French and English languages, taking into account the needs of teachers and ongoing projects.
  • It is accessible to students who come to read the books of the BCD for the pleasure of it, and in priority to classes who have a project around books and reading.
  • The students come to do documentary research accompanied by Baptiste, the librarian.

Pupils can settle down to read, draw, work and do documentary research by respecting the rules:

  • They must return their books when they arrive at the responsible person.
  • Silence is essential (move calmly, read in silence, speak in a low voice if you have a question, etc.)
  • Entrances and exits must be done in an orderly fashion, without disturbing those who are already installed.
  • The material must be respected.
  • Any damaged book must be reported.
  • In the event of deterioration or loss of a book, it must be reimbursed.
  • It is forbidden to EAT and DRINK as well as to leave waste, pieces of paper lying around…
  • Teachers who come with their students are asked to enforce the same rules as in a classroom.
  • Fragile books such as animated books, (usual) – dictionaries and encyclopedias cannot be borrowed. They can be consulted on site or in class.
  • Any book consulted on site must be put away in its place. If you don’t know where to store, ask the person in charge for advice.

Kindergarten students can borrow one book per week. Elementary school students can borrow a maximum of three books for a period of 15 days:

  • 1 Comic.
  • 2 Novels
  • 2 Documentaries.
  • 2 albums.
  • 2 Magazines.


Audio-visual documents must be consulted on site. Teachers can borrow them to view in class. Pupils in classes from CP to CM2 can listen to audio CDs (music, classic tales, stories), consult CD-ROMs independently on computers accessible during break times (monitored by the librarian) or by accompanied groups of their teacher. All computers are connected to the internet.

The BCD has more than 15,200 books – documentaries, fiction, books in English and an educational library located in the BCD. She subscribes to about fifteen magazines and periodicals as well as to the MAX books of the school of leisure.