Management Team

The Leadership Team

Bruno Maris


Graduating with an Engineering and a Bachelor of Business degree, Claire Karadi exercised as Financial Analyst at HP and Avery Denison. Then, after teaching fifteen years in each of the Primary School grades, she progressed to become Headteacher; ultimately of the largest international school of the Grenoble Academy, before joining LFIDD in Sept 2021. Mother of three in a Franco/Canadian family she hails from the French Alps.

Claire Karadi

Primary Headteacher

At the age of 25, Frédéric Roure joined the French government, first at the Ministry of Defence and then at the Ministry of the Interior. He has always been keen to vary his professional experiences by working in different functions in a wide range of environments, but always in the service of general interest. His choice of a first expatriation in the AEFE network as Administrative and Financial Director also aims to offer his 9-year-old daughter the chance to evolve within a multicultural and very good level schooling system.

Frederic Roure

Administrative and Financial Director

The Parents Association Board Members

Mildred Nadah Pita is a Business Executive with a deep insight in business operations, private-public partnerships, relational skills and ability to synthesize consumer insights and business objectives to grow revenues for new and existing products and ventures. Professional experience includes serving currently as the Head Public Affairs Science and Sustainability SSA for Bayer Crop Science. She has over 18 years’ experience in life science companies in SSA. A mother of 3 children in LFIDD Nairobi who is passionate about access to education, healthcare and innovation especially for women and girls.

Mildred Naha Pita


Emilie Gasc is a French citizen and a state certified dietician since 2002. She has worked in the hospital and school catering industry since 2007. Before her departure for Nairobi, she was in charge of developing menus for public schools in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, monitoring the food budget and the sustainable food plan, as well as hygiene training (HACCP) for catering staff.
She is the mother of 3 children in CP, CM1 and 5e.

Emily Gasc

Vice President

Armando Massimiliano Sirolla has 20+ years of experience in business and development finance, including managing positions in Financial Institutions in Afghanistan, Madagascar, Tanzania, and Zambia. He speaks English, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Armando is currently consulting for the World Bank Group and he has two amazing boys enrolled in ‘Primaire’.

Armando Massimiliano Sirolla