Studies after the French Baccalaureate

As the French Baccalaureate is internationally recognized, students at Lycée Denis Diderot can continue their studies in most countries of the world.

France remains a privileged choice given the excellence and accessibility of its higher education offer. In recent years, students from the Denis Diderot high school have been admitted to preparatory classes for the Grandes Ecoles (INSA Lyon, Louis-le-Grand high schools, Montaigne…), as well as to the best universities. Others continued their studies in another environment: in Canada (HEC Montreal…), in the United States (HULT International Business School…), in Great Britain, in Switzerland, in Spain, in Italy, in Egypt , in Malaysia…

Heir to a prestigious history, higher education in France continues to affirm its excellence. Proof of this attractiveness, France is the 3rd host country for foreign students after the United States, the United Kingdom, and the 1st non-English-speaking country. Foreign students represent 12% of the student population in France.

In France, the State directly bears a very large share of the actual cost of each student’s studies (from 10,000 to 14,000 euros per year) and sets the annual tuition fees for public establishments. This keeps the cost of tuition fees at one of the lowest levels in the world, while guaranteeing the quality of the degrees awarded.

The best students of French high schools abroad can also benefit from specific scholarships for the pursuit of their studies in France: the Excellence-Major scholarships .

For their orientation, the students benefit from the high school, in conjunction with the AEFE, a support system that allows them to choose from the very wide offer available to them.

The Future course is designed to allow each student from 6th grade to 12th grade to gradually build their orientation. This Future course provides an understanding of the economic and professional world as well as the diversity of professions and training; develop their sense of commitment and initiative; to develop their educational and professional guidance project.

The educational and professional guidance space is located at the CCC, Knowledge and Culture Center of the Lycée (formerly CDI). This space constitutes a relay between the Lycée Denis Diderot and the various orientation aid organizations such as ONISEP (National Office for Information on Education and Professions), CIDJ (Centre for Information and Documentation for Youth), the orientation page of the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad), etc.

To find out about professions, post-baccalaureate training and the establishments providing this training, students can consult the documentary resources made available to them and supplied in large part by ONISEP and CIDJ publications and brochures from French and foreign universities and colleges. In addition to paper documentation, students have access to PARCOUREO software for individual and/or group sessions.

The PRIO (Personnel Resource in Information and Orientation) is at the disposal of parents and students who would like to seek its help to obtain information on a question of educational or professional orientation.

The support of students by the educational community is decisive in the progressive and thoughtful construction of their post-baccalaureate orientation project. With the student plan, there are 20 measures coming into force this year to support our final year students towards success by strengthening individual support, offering fairer access to renewed post-baccalaureate training while actively fighting against student precariousness.

This platform allows each high school student to discuss by chat, email or telephone with advisers and student ambassadors on his future project.