Welcome to LFIDD

The French school system is an internationally recognized system for its academic qualities.

Welcome to the International French School of Nairobi

Founded in 1962, the French School is one of the oldest and the most well-known international schools in Kenya.

Our ambition is 3-pronged:

  • Deliver quality education that is internationally recognized;
  • Pursue linguistic excellence both in French and English;
  • Raise civically-conscious citizens with an open mind in a changing world.

The school has continually grown in more than half a century of its existence. Today, it hosts more than 600 students between the ages of 2 and 18 years regardless of origin or religious persuasion. Our school fraternity of more than 50 nationalities affords each and every student an opportunity to self-actualize depending on their personality, preferences and abilities. This diversity is a distinct asset that we strive to capitalize on through innovative instruction and personalized teaching to meet individual needs.

Why Choose LFIDD ?

The French School is a member of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE). By virtue of this Association, it guarantees the learners quality education that meets the requirements of French education.

The French system of education is internationally acclaimed for its academic rigour. It is underpinned by these fundamental objectives: rekindle the love for learning, inculcate the culture of hard work, personalized teaching regardless of one’s abilities. From kindergarten to Baccalauréat level, we equip students with tools to acquire the requisite skills and knowledge all while encouraging autonomy and innovative methods.

The AEFE’s certification guarantees quality education which meets the highest standards of French and international education. The results obtained by French Schools students in different exams attest to this: they are way above the usual  averages.

This excellence is first and foremost ascribable to the quality of teachers. Most of the high school teachers are certified by the French Ministry of Education and seconded to school. The rest are also certified teachers directly recruited by the school. They are all professionals with instructional and disciplinary skills and regularly updated through the AEFE’s in-service training.

Every child is different and could be given a personalized teaching depending on their needs.

  • Every class in primary section gets remedial learning activities one hour per week. This targets students with specific needs;
  • In secondary school help is on hand with homework for 6eme class. Tutoring is organized for those students who need it;
  • A team of shadow teachers (AESH) are available to help students with disability or students with special needs;
  • A speech therapist is available on a full-time basis to help students with learning disabilities (attention and memory deficit, dyslexia, dysorthographia)

The French School in Nairobi is the only school that enables the acquisition of two major international languages. The non-French speaking students can be admitted up to age 7 years. Immersed in a Francophone environment, they are further supported by a remedial system run by teachers who are specialized in French language acquisition. This way, these students take up their rightful place in the school and contribute to its cultural and linguistic diversity.

From the tender pre-school years, the French school children are exposed to cultural and linguistic diversity and more specifically to the Kenyan environment that has hosted the school since its inception in 1962.

The school offers a British International Section from the age of 6 all the way to the International French Baccalaureate, which is recognized by leading universities worldwide.

This recognition allows French School graduates to pursue further studies anywhere in the world : in France, the USA, Canada, the UK, in Kenya etc.

In addition to the academic program, an emphasis is put on sports and culture in order to shape accomplished individuals.

Music, visual arts, drama, literature… all forms of art and culture are offered and valued.

Over and above music and arts classes that are part and parcel of the curriculum from kindergarten to the Baccalauréat level, our students can choose different extracurricular activities (ECA). We put a focus on reading in all its forms, as it is considered to be the key to access knowledge.

Sport at the French school is based on two pillars: physical education, taught during school hours, and extracurricular activities (ECA) which are an opportunity, at any age, to learn more about a sport.