The Lycée is a non-profit school, which is subsidized by the French state, which allows it to charge tuition fees 30% to 27% lower than other international schools in Nairobi.

AEFE scholarships

French families can apply for a grant from the Agency for French Education Abroad.

This tuition assistance is reserved for children of French nationality residing with their families in Kenya. Under certain means conditions, the scholarship may cover up to 100% of the amount of tuition fees to be paid by the families.

Explanatory brochure of the AEFE

Application and renewal files can be collected from the French Embassy.

2 committees meet during the year:

  • In May, for the regular committee ruling on applications for the upcoming school year. Dossier to be compiled from February.
  • In October/November, for the remedial commission concerning new students enrolled in the Lycée for the current year. File to be compiled upon registration.

Each year, the opening dates of the scholarship campaign and submission of files are available on this page of the site.

You can get more information and make an appointment here.


Brochure AEFE