<h1>The parents' association - APE</h1>

The Lycée Denis Diderot is managed under the responsibility of the APE. The school is therefore managed by the families, for the families and their children : the strategic or financial choices of the school board of directors are notably made in the sole interest of the pupils and their families.

Two bodies ensure the conduct of the Association, in accordance with its statutes :

  • The General Assembly , which meets 2 to 3 times a year, where each family has one vote.
  • The Board of Directors , where 10 parents elected by the General Assembly, with the right to vote, sit on a voluntary basis. It meets once or twice a month.

The General Assembly is the major moment in the life of the Association. All parents of students are invited to participate , because they are all, in fact, members of the Parents’ Association.

It meets at least twice a year, and in particular in the month following the start of the school year, to proceed with the replacement of members of the Board of Directors who have resigned, left or are at the end of their mandate. .

Parents have one vote per family . Any parent may be represented by means of a written power of attorney submitted before the opening of the general assembly to the secretary of the board of directors, specifying the name of the agent. No member may hold more than two proxies.

The prerogatives of the General Assembly are broad:

  • It elects or renews its representatives on the Board.
  • It hears the pedagogical report presented by the management of the Lycée and deliberates on the activity report and the financial report of the APEEE.
  • She discusses the draft budget estimate
  • More generally, it deliberates on important decisions for the life of the school which go beyond the competence of the board of directors.

The Board of Directors is the managing body of the Lycée Denis Diderot ( Non Profit Company ).

Its function is to provide the human, material and financial resources to the establishment in order to enable its proper functioning.

He participates in its organization in close collaboration with the head of the establishment and the establishment council, in accordance with their respective attributions.

The Board of Directors is made up of 9 to 12 volunteer parents of students elected at the general assembly of parents. A director is elected for a term of two years, renewable once consecutively.


The Board of Directors is made up of an office which includes a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer, elected from among the directors during the meeting to take office.

An administrative assistant to the Board of Directors ensures the essential follow-up of the files which fall within the specific competences of the CA, provides the secretariat for the CAs and the GAs and facilitates communication between the CA and the parents.

Finally, 2 volunteer parents accompany the CA in its function of controlling the establishment.

The administrators work within committees to provide advice or suggestions on technical issues.

The entire Board of Directors meets once a month with representatives of the administration (Principal, Directors of the primary school, DAF/Manager) and three elected staff representatives (Administration, Primary, Secondary) in order to review capital projects, work in progress and control the school’s cash flow.

The Board of Directors is responsible to the parents of pupils whom it informs at least twice a year of the decisions taken.

Like the representatives of the administration and staff, the Cultural Advisor to the French Embassy is a member of the Board of Directors by right; they all have an advisory vote.

<h4>Elected Board Members</h4>

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You can contact the members of the Denis Diderot high school board of directors at the following address: coges@lyceefrancaisnairobi.com