Primary School Project

In primary school (kindergarten, elementary)

Pedagogic Projects

Primary school children, especially at the end of elementary school, are directly involved in certain projects which also concern secondary school, and which you will therefore find described in the thematic sections (web radio, high school cross-country, Kitabu prize, Castor competition, Model United Nations , Budding Ambassadors…). But they also benefit from specific projects.

In general, class life is punctuated by a number of projects linking disciplines and giving meaning to student learning. These projects are an essential source of motivation for students in their academic success.

From kindergarten, educational outings are regularly organized, in connection with the themes worked on in class. Pupils also regularly participate in school shows , which allow them to present the results of their work to parents. For example, a fashion show, a circus show, a choir concert…

Olympiads are also organized at the end of each school year, with each child taking part in this veritable “sports festival” in high school.

From CP to CM2, students finally have the regular opportunity to go to “discovery class” . For 4 to 5 days, the class is literally “transplanted” to places such as a farm in Nakuru, a whitewater center in Sagana, on the shores of Lake Naivasha or in the heart of the Ol Pejeta nature reserve. These stays are a real human adventure for the students, and an opportunity to continue learning in a new setting.

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