Primary School Council

The French school system is internationally recognized for its academic qualities.

The School Council meets at least 3 times a year and has jurisdiction, for primary education, on the following subjects: extracurricular activities, safety, primary school rules, timetables, school project.

It is a bipartite commission on which sit:

  • With deliberative vote:
    • The Director of Primary , President of the School Council
    • 15 teachers (one teacher per primary class)
    • 15 parents (one parent per primary class)
  • Without deliberative voice:
    • The Counselor for Cooperation and Cultural Action
    • The Area National Education Inspector
    • The Principal – head of establishment
    • The Administrative and Financial Director
  • Mme ADAMJI Firoza
  • Mme BRANDAO Cécile
  • M. COURTIN Nicolas
  • M. DE VOS Bruno
  • Mme GUIBERT Karine
  • Mme INGABIRE Carine
  • Mme JALKANEN Emma
  • M. LANDAIS Mathieu
  • Mme NJINGUET Nkouingoua Myriam
  • Mme PICARD Marie
  • Mme PICOT Sandrine
  • Mme RWASAMANZI Solange
  • Mme WANG Josia