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LFIDD is a private international school in Nairobi certified by the French Ministry of Education, a member of the AEFE network. Operational for over 60 years, LFIDD delivers a unique bilingual French-English education for students aged 2 to 18. LFIDD offers families based in Nairobi and areas access to a premium, multicultural, multilingual schooling delivered by highly experienced teachers.

From kindergarten to baccalaureate, we give students all the means to acquire the skills and knowledge they will need to master, encouraging their autonomy, and favouring innovative methods.

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The Lycée campus covers 2 hectares and is located along Argwings Kodhek road in Kilimani, close to the Yaya Center. This central location also allows families to find a wide range of accommodation in the immediate vicinity of the school.

Teaching languages


The International French School of Nairobi is the only institution to offer the full French curriculum from Kindergarten to Lycee in Nairobi. The French education system has a reputation for having one of the best education practices in the world. In accordance with the principles of the French school system, the lycée welcomes children from the age of 2. The primary school includes the kindergarten and the elementary school. Schooling continues at the collège and then at the lycée.


The quality of early childhood care and development is a recognised area of expertise of the French school system.
The main objective in kindergarten is to make children want to go to school to learn, to develop their personality and their creativity.
Classes are taught by a French-speaking teacher, one or two teacher assistants, and an English teacher (from the first year of kindergarten).

Primary School

The main objective of elementary education is to enable pupils, over a period of five years, to access and consolidate the fundamental tools of knowledge. They develop the pleasure of learning in a multicultural environment, and practice eight hours of foreign languages per week, including two hours of Swahili as an introduction to the local culture.

Middle School

In middle school the program spreads over 4 years with teaching structured in disciplines: French, mathematics, history-geography, civic education, life and earth sciences, physics-chemistry, technology, fine arts, music education, physical education, in addition to languages. For example, a new foreign language is introduced in the 2nd year of middle school.

High School

The high school program spreads over 3 years. At the end of their second year, students choose majors, in addition to the core subjects, leading them to sit the French baccalaureate exam that prepares them for their higher studies.

British International Section

The British international section will concern all pupils in primary schools in September 2022 and is open on a trial basis in secondary school. It is a bilingual and bicultural scheme which aims to facilitate the integration and reception of foreign pupils into the French education system and to train pupils of all nationalities to practice English in depth, in particular by using this language in certain subjects. It leads to the French international baccalaureate, which is recognised by the world's leading universities.

Parcours PARLE

Multilingualism is at the heart of our ambitions. The Lycée is also the only establishment in Nairobi that allows its students to simultaneously acquire fluency in two major international languages.

Practical Information


    • Argwings Kodhek Road
    • Kilimani (Near Yaya Center)
    • +254(0)743 198 092
    • contact@lyceefrancaisnairobi.com