Secondary School Projects

The French school system is internationally recognized for its academic qualities.

Model United Nations

Open to 11 to 18 year olds, the Model United Nations (MUN), organised in English by the United Nations in Nairobi, involves different teams of all nationalities and origins in the drafting, negotiation, debate and voting of international resolutions.

Première Olympiad and Concours Général

Every year, we also offer volunteer students the opportunity to participate in the two competitions of excellence, the Première Olympiad and the Concours Général (for Terminales).

Mathematics Week

The aim of the Mathematics Week is to give mathematics a current, lively and active image. During the previous editions, students in 3ème worked on serial music, by designing algorithms to automatically generate musical scores, others, in 2nde, learned to decipher texts using mathematical methods based on frequency analysis, others designed exhibitions or led workshops related to the theme of the Week…

Projects 2021-2022