The High School Life Council

The French school system is internationally recognized for its academic qualities.

The High School Life Council (CVL) is a body that sits in each high school. It is an important place of animation and reflection. The organization of the elections of its members constitutes a high point in the life of the establishment and in the learning of citizenship.

The School Life Council meets when convened by the head of the establishment. It must be consulted on the organization of studies, school time, the development of the establishment project and internal regulations, information on orientation, sports, cultural and extra-curricular activities, health, hygiene and safety.

The CVL includes 6 secondary school students (high school and college students):

  • 2 representatives are elected each year by the general assembly of delegates;
  • 4 are elected for two years by direct universal suffrage of high school students.

Also sit, in an advisory capacity:

  • 4 staff representatives (4 volunteers)
  • 2 parents (chosen from elected members of the school board).

The Council is chaired by the Principal, head of the establishment. The Vice-President of the council is an elected student of the CVL.