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Two students, two schools, two countries, one experience… This is the motto of the ADN-AEFE programme.

This year, six students from the LFDD have been selected to participate in this school exchange programme.

Thus, for a few weeks, Margot, Lucille, Ivanka, Prisca, Sasha and Gaddiela will immerse themselves in a new family, school, cultural and linguistic environment where they will enrich their educational experience by following their schooling in another establishment of the AEFE network, located in a different country.

Dakar, San Salvador, Munich, Tananarive, Madrid and Valencia will be the cities our six participants will visit. The students work in pairs and will be hosted by the families and the AEFE school of their pair.

The LFDD has been hosting Faustine from Valencia, Janna from Tananarive, Sonia from Dakar and Victoire from Madrid since 20 February; Ameli from Munich and Dorothea from San Salvador will come to Kenya in a few weeks.

After six weeks in Kenya, Janna and Faustine went back to Madagascar and Spain accompanied by their partners Sasha and Prisca. At the end of April Gaddiela and Ivanka will accompany their partners Victoire and Sonia to their homes in Madrid and Dakar. It was a pleasure to welcome you to the LFIDD!


From left to right:

Janna from Madagascar will host Sasha

Sonia from Dakar: Ivanka

Faustine from Valence: Prisca

Victoire from Madrid: Gaddiela



Nawatakia safari njema ! We wish you all a safe journey!

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