Astronomy week: Full of stars!

As part of Astronomy Week, which took place from January 22 to 26, 2024, all elementary school classes from CP to CM2 and some middle school classes were able to attend a projection on stars and the starry sky, in the mobile planetarium that the association Travelling Telescope had set up for the occasion in the auditorium. Stars in the eyes!

In the classroom, this encounter with the infinitely distant was carefully prepared by listening to specialized astronomy podcasts and working on related vocabulary. The week also saw the creation of scale models and sky maps.

During their visit to the telescope, our students learned about the cardinal points, the “course of the sun” and the planets orbiting the sun and moon. Finally, they were given explanations of astronaut lifestyles in space, as well as the effects of weightlessness on the body.

There’s no stopping the students’ enthusiasm when it comes to space travel.

On Thursday February 15, starting at 6.30pm, the Lycée and the association organized another stargazing session in the Nairobi sky, using 3 telescopes. Parents and children came in droves to admire the views of the moon, Jupiter and star clusters.

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