CE2 B’s trip to the Aberdares

For four days, from February 6 to 9, the CE2 B class enjoyed a breath of fresh air on the edge of the Aberdares as part of their “classe verte”. Their teacher, Mme Omnès, took care to put together a program of activities in line with the themes covered in class, in order to combine theoretical and practical learning.

On the first day, the students visited a coffee plantation, and learned about the stages involved in transforming fruit into beans ready for roasting. They were then able to discover their new home through outdoor activities such as a walk to the waterfall and drawings of insects and landscapes.

The second day began with a short hike in the shade of the trees along the river. The pupils reached a grassy plateau where they could play various games, with or without a ball, and dip their feet in the river. The afternoon was dedicated to discovering the hut-building process and fly-fishing. Finally, our students collected plants for a future herbarium, and also discussed the role of trees.

On the third day, our students were able to discover the secrets of tea picking; together they harvested almost 5 kilos of tea! They then had to rack their brains on a big treasure hunt, solving riddles and moving from clue to clue, but also giving free rein to their creativity by producing artistic works using natural objects (leaves, branches, flowers), thus discovering LANDART. The afternoon was devoted to tree-planting and cake-making workshops, with recipes provided by the students themselves. The day ended with an evening of dancing, during which everyone was able to show off their talents!

On the final day, the class went birdwatching on a hike that took them to the nearby village library. On the way back, we took a short break in the shade of the tea collection center.

This outing delighted our students, and was also an opportunity to honor the school’s E3D label, which aims to promote education for sustainable development by establishing continuity between teaching, actions and educational projects, while opening up to the outside world, in particular to the local area and its stakeholders. We let you discover their journey through a few pictures.


Slide trip CE2b

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