Climate change and art

For many people, climate change remains an abstract concept, especially when they live in areas which have so far been spared its negative effects.
Art is an effective means to provide all with a vision of what the future could look like if we continue to be oblivious but also, if we decide to take action.
Water is life! Sadly, it is the lack of it, as a result of global warming, that has brought this stark reality to our attention.
In certain regions of the world, the rising water levels pose a real threat to the survival of populations and territories. In others, its absence has resulted in deserts that have even driven out inhabitants.
As part of awareness creation around the theme of water and climate change, the International French School of Nairobi students were inspired to create an artwork for their themed project. They came up with the idea of creating a work of art for their thematic project entitled: “With or without water”.
The artworks were entered into the recent 75th UN Human Rights Celebration Art competition, where LFIDD received a “Special Jury Award” for the artworks of Antoine C., Anaelle B., Godall M. and Amia C.
Well done to them and their art teacher Mumbe M.

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