Competition for Podcast name and logo

During the week of the French high schools of the world, under the theme “Informing ourselves in a connected world to form enlightened citizens”, the selection jury met and is pleased to announce the winners:

  • Sévan (CM1) and Mahé (CE1): winners for the web-radio logo

  • Lynca (CM1-CM2): winner for the name of the web-radio

Thanks to the fusion of their creations, we now have a beautiful logo and an evocative name: Jambo Kenya web-radio!

The 2nd jury prize was awarded to Samuella (6B).

The 3rd jury prize was awarded to Gianna (CM1 B)

Special jury prize for Inès (CM2A).

Congratulations to all for your creativity!

The Lycée Français Denis Diderot web-radio is officially launched!

Many new podcasts have already been published, and listen to them without moderation! Save the page in your favourites to consult it regularly, because the year 2022-2023 will be rich in publications. Link to the podcasts

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