Couleur Terre concerts at LFIDD

The group ‘Couleur Terre’ gave two concerts for elementary school classes (5 to 12 years old kids) on Monday, March 20 at the Lycée.

Couleur Terre wants to transmit to children the awareness, strength and joy of being inhabitants of the Blue Planet, daughters and sons of the Pachamama, Mother Earth.

A concert where song, rumba, cumbia, candombe, sound and African trance mix and have fun.

3 voices, 3 cultures, 3 personalities, for a music of the world, of worlds, and of planets.

With Jean-Richard Codjia, tenor, from Benin, on percussion and drums;
Miguel Romero, countertenor, from Venezuela, on bass and cuatro (small guitar);
Jean-Claude Meurisse, French baritone, on piano, keyboard and special effects.

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