Discovering oral health in CP

In CP, kids start to get a few loose teeth. Some even lose teeth, in the hope that the “tooth fairy” leave them a present!

As part of Cycle 2’s discovery of the world program, and to help them take good care of their new teeth, our CP pupils are following an educational sequence to raise their awareness of oral health.

To begin with, our students were encouraged to ask questions around the following theme: “What’s in your mouth? This enabled everyone to take stock of their representations, which they were able to express in the form of drawings. They then watched a video explaining the mouth and what it contains. This is how they were able to build up their vocabulary of teeth and mouths.

Our health coordinator, Regina, a trained nurse, then visited each CP class to show the pupils how to brush their teeth, using a large model and a large toothbrush. Everyone went home with a tube of toothpaste!

Our students still have a few steps to go before they become tooth experts:

  • First, they’ll make impressions of their teeth (in salt dough), and compare them with their drawings, reusing the vocabulary they’ve learned.
  • Finally, activities on the “friends” and “enemies” of teeth await them, to help them understand how to keep their teeth healthy.
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