Enhancing the linguistic richness of our students

Among the students who attend the Lycée Français Denis Diderot, we count some 50 nationalities, and at least as many languages. To make the most of this linguistic wealth, and to ensure that every student feels fully accepted at the school, some classes work throughout the year on so-called “language awareness” activities. This is particularly true of our CM2 B class, who created language flowers for the occasion.

First of all, our students questioned the notion of bilingualism, plurilingualism, mother tongue, second language or foreign language. To do this, they started with their own languages, then used a variety of activities to establish concepts.

Then they had to take stock of their language biography, i.e. list the languages they speak, understand, have heard or seen written. Finally, to embody this diversity and display it proudly, each student made his or her own language flower, before adding a petal to the class language flower.

We’d like to share with you a few photos of their productions, which you’ll be able to admire with your own eyes in a few months’ time, at the Mai des Langues.

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