LFIDD tops the awards list at MUN

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On April 4, an award ceremony was held for our students who participated in the 2023 MUN (Model United Nations) session.

The MUN is a simulation of United Nations conferences that aims to train participants in the world of diplomacy and international relations through a simulation of debates in English.

Students selected for the MUN take part in workshops in addition to their courses. This year we had:

  • 15 students from 5eme to 3eme for the Middle School MUN
  • 19 students in 2de and Terminale for EAMUN (East African MUN)

For EAMUN, 63 schools from Kenya and the African continent (970 delegates) participated; LFIDD came in first with the following 6 awards:

  • Best Delegate – Rayan Ohany
  • Best Speaker – Ian Sasha Komagazani
  • Best Resolution Security Council
  • Best Resolution Ecology
  • Best Resolution Economy
  • Best Resolution Human Rights

For MSMUN: 60 schools from Kenya and the African continent participated (765 delegates); LFIDD had the following 2 awards:

  • Best Resolution Security Council
  • Best Resolution Ecology

The MUN is :

  • A unique and intellectually stimulating human experience
  • An original way to develop and strengthen your English
  • Students who find themselves in the shoes of diplomats trying to defend the interests of a country that is assigned at the beginning of the school year.
  • An opportunity to become actively involved in solving contemporary problems, while enjoying the diversity of opinions.
  • Willingness to understand the mechanisms and dynamics of our society / willingness to promote the universal values of the United Nations.
  • Deepen students’ intellectual curiosity, but also provide them with organizational, accountability and pressure management skills

Congratulations to our champions and a special thank you to Mrs. Fabienne EYRAUD who supervises the workshops and pushes the students to surpass themselves!

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