Primary school delegates

After the start of the school year, it’s time to elect the delegates!

Students at the Lycée Denis Diderot returned to school at the beginning of September. After a few days to acclimatize to their new teacher and class, they took part in the election of class delegates.

They tell us:

The school held class delegate elections. Class reps represent the class and help the teacher. Candidates make a poster to introduce themselves. Students place their votes in a box (the ballot box). The class leaders open (count) the votes. The person with the most votes is elected delegate. The person who comes second is elected deputy delegate, and will replace the delegate if he or she is absent. The other candidates, who did not receive enough votes, were not elected..”

Campaign posters

To be elected as a delegate, a student must first stand for election, then campaign by creating a poster on which he or she presents himself or herself and details his or her program. This can include catchphrases, ways of defending the class and/or students, projects to be carried out over the course of the year, and suggestions to be implemented within the school. Kids are full of ideas!

Student’s council

During the school year, the delegates take part in five children’s councils led by the Director. They arrive with proposals worked on in class. This year’s first Children’s Council will take place on Wednesday November 15, on the theme of playtime.

We’ll keep you up to date on the actions decided and implemented!

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