Primary school swimming cycle

A swimming cycle to teach our students to be at ease in the water

Swimming is one of the key sports in the primary school curriculum. This cycle is an integral part of the curriculum:

  • enable safe movement in a supervised aquatic environment
  • build skills related to swimming and aquatic activities.

This year, at the heated swimming pool of the Royal Golf Course in Nairobi, our CM2 pupils benefited from 10 swimming sessions in December, 5 sessions a week. During these sessions, everyone was encouraged to progress from aquatic fluency to safe “knowing how to swim”, and even beyond for the most comfortable students.

In January, our Cycle 2 pupils (CE1 and CE2) took to the pool. During these sessions, everyone learned to act confidently and safely, and to discover new balances (getting in and out of the water, moving around, submerging, floating without equipment or help).

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