The farm, a place for out-of-class learning for our CM2

For four days, from March 6 to 9, 2024, our CM2 pupils were able to enjoy a green class at Kembu Farm. Their teachers, Ms. Boulanger and Ms. Longin, ensured that the activities proposed were linked to the topics covered in class, so as to combine theoretical and practical learning.

After an early start, our students began their program by making bread and butter, using only farm produce. This was followed by a guided tour of two young forests – a eucalyptus farm and a native species reforestation forest – during which they were able to observe numerous butterflies, caterpillars, grasshoppers, stick insects and many other species.

The second day began with the harvesting of eggs for breakfast. After the chickens, our students visited the sheep to observe the wool-making process: from shearing to knitting techniques, from framing to spinning. Over the course of the afternoon, the CM2s planted trees, tried their hand at archery and took part in an obstacle course. The evening was punctuated by various games and songs around a log fire.

On the third day, our students climb mount Kiplombe, which they completed in an hour and a half. In the course of this, they learned to name different species of trees and plants, but also their benefits (their use in medicine, hygiene products, repellents…). Finally, the class made their own pizzas for dinner, then finished the evening toasting marshmallows over a wood fire and telling stories.

On the last day, our students took a short hike to observe the bird species, before heading home.

Each day, several students produced a podcast to recount the day’s activities and learning, and share their experiences with the parent community. If you’d like to relive their adventure, we invite you to listen to these four episodes, which are available below.


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