The Olympic relay: the flame has come to our school!

In this Olympic year, schools in the Southern and Eastern Africa zone are sharing a rich and dense interdisciplinary project as part of the Year of Sport 2023-2024. A number of schools are organizing a cross-country torch relay, from Luanda (Angola) to Paris (France), via Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania), Djibouti, Kinshasa (DRC), Johannesburg (South Africa), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) and finally Nairobi (Kenya)!

To carry the Olympic flame forward, students from each school must cover the required number of kilometers in a variety of sporting disciplines, including cross-country running, hiking and cross-country running. In Nairobi, our students have to cover no less than 9627km!

Last week, after the Addis Ababa students had completed their kilometers, the Olympic flame was able to arrive at our school in Nairobi. The CE1/CE2 class was in charge of relaying the flame around the school to present it to the other classes, who formed a large guard of honor in the playground.

Here are a few images of the event.

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