The plastic fresco

The eco-delegates – made up of pupils from CM1 to Terminale – are brought together every week by the primary and secondary referent teachers. Together, they carry out a variety of projects to give meaning to their commitment to solidarity and the environment. In particular, they work on 17 sustainable development objectives, initiate and carry out concrete projects, and attend conferences on various sustainable development topics.


During the 2022-2023 school year, a plastic mural project was initiated, and continued this year by a new group of students. After several weeks’ work, the Plastic Fresco came into being in December. The aim is to raise awareness among all schoolchildren, from primary to secondary school, of the plastic waste that (very often) ends up in the ocean.


Our eco-delegates therefore represented the seabed using only plastic waste, to highlight its great number and diversity.



You can admire this fresco when you visit us! This is on display at the entrance, along the path opposite our sports field.


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