The scientific approach in CM1

Visits for the Year of Physics in CM1 B

As part of the 1 researcher, 1 class partnership for the Year of Physics, Lydia Ross, physicist at the CNRS, returned to the CM1B class on Wednesday November 8 to propose scientific experiments to the pupils.

The scientific approach was at the heart of this wonderful morning: our students were able to question, hypothesize and draw conclusions. Laughter, surprises and wonder for each and every one of them, and certainly an awakening of vocations for some apprentice scientists.


On Thursday January 18, Adrien Baudelet (father of a student) visited our students to present his job as a geothermal engineer. They were able to discover how a geothermal power plant works, understand electricity distribution networks and take a look at the electrons that circulate. Everyone was very interested and asked lots of questions.

These enriching encounters will help them solve the 5 scientific challenges set by Lydia. See you in March for the results! In the meantime, an astronomy workshop awaits them on Thursday, January 25, so they can leave with their heads in the stars. Like the Universe, the CM1B’s scientific curiosity seems to have no boundaries.

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