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On Thursday 12 January, we had the honour of welcoming to the LFIDD Mrs Sonia Harmand, Director of the Prehistoric Mission to Kenya.

Mrs Sonia Harmand is an archaeologist, researcher at the CNRS and associate professor at the Department of Anthropology of Stony Brooke University (USA). In 2015, her team made the front page of the scientific journal Nature for the publication of the discovery of the oldest stone tools of humanity in Turkana County in 2011 (3.3 million years old, i.e. before the emergence of the homo genus).

During her visit, Mrs Harmand met with the pupils of CE2 and then of 6ème 

She captivated the pupils by having them handle casts of the oldest tools known to date and by telling them about her research. They realised that their school is located in a key area for the knowledge of our origins.

Finally, Mrs Harmand gave a lecture for the general public at 5.30 p.m. on the latest orientations of her research.

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