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Monday, May 17, the CM1B were received by Aruna Varsani who showed them around her plastic recycling business.

The students were impressed by the amount of waste produced by humans. They were also fascinated by the power of the machines that transform waste into recycled products. Now they are more ready and motivated than ever to participate in the fight against waste and the defense of recycling!

It is possible to bring speakers from the factory to the school for workshops on sorting plastics.

A system of collecting plastics at the school and transporting them to the factory is also possible. Finally, the company is competent in setting up vertical gardens from used products (example: tires as flower boxes).

To contact them:

  • Vintz Plastics :
  • Vanita Halai (co founder and executive director) : +254 717 243 365
  • Secretary : +254 702 676 767
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