Our students at MUN 2024

Two teams from the Lycée Français (middle school and high school) participated in the Model United Nations conferences organized at the United Nations headquarters in Nairobi at the end of January and beginning of February.

Among more than 50 schools and 800 participants, our students were not afraid to take on this challenge! They were keen to take advantage of these 4 days of verbal jousting to express their opinion on the resolutions presented. Like true diplomats, they had to research and prepare speeches at the last minute, create coalitions and strategies to take the floor.

Going to the podium to propose an amendment or oppose a resolution is not easy, but our students rose to the occasion and showed their tenacity, like Ursula in 4eme who was the very last student of the conference MSMUN to speak or like Aurelia in 5eme, one of the youngest participants in the Special Summit, a committee where she sat alone for 4 days facing experienced debaters.

Congratulations to our two students from Seconde B, Ghita L. and Estelle M. for their Best Speaker and Best Delegate awards in the World Language Committee, a committee where our students were able to debate in French, a great first in the MUN conferences in Kenya. This rewards a great team effort for an invested delegation.

Thank you to our 23  students and their teacher Julie M. who excellently represented the school!


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