Press and media week: all hands on deck!

The 2024 edition of the Press and media week at shool (SPME) was celebrated from March 18 to 22 at the Lycée Français Denis Diderot.

Our CE1/CE2 pupils started the week by discussing with their teacher what information is. They also analyzed false information to learn how to spot it, and reproduced the exercise with cut-out images (showing only part of the action). Finally, students were able to read age-appropriate press reviews thanks to the bi-monthly 1jour1actu newspapers, which decipher current events and adapt them to make them accessible to the youngest !

In CM1 B, journalist Anne Thirouard visited the class on Wednesday March 19, 2024 to teach the students the art of interviewing. In particular, they learned how to find out about the interviewee beforehand, and how to choose the right angle of approach to be able to ask 5 questions likely to interest readers and/or listeners. A great challenge !
On the same day, the class also received a visit from Joséphine’s mom, who gave a presentation on her job to help them understand the omnipresence of advertising in our daily lives… and in the newspapers ! This gave the students the opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills, enabling them to distinguish between advertising and information.
Finally, on Thursday March 28, our CM1B and CM1/CM2 students put their skills as apprentice journalists to the test in a live WebRadio session, assisted by a talented student mother (many thanks to her).

For their part, the CM2Bs discovered the profession of journalist before going on a field trip to Kembu farm. The composition of a newspaper article no longer holds any secrets for them: a punchy headline, a cap to entice the reader to read the article, inter-titles, sidebars, captioned photos, an attractive layout… Objective: to write articles and record podcasts on the forest, its importance for the planet and how to preserve it. During the class, they were able to carry out a field survey, take samples and talk to enthusiasts… All this material was invaluable for writing articles, in French and English, and recording podcasts, just like real journalists!

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