Well-being at school

In anticipation of School Well-being Week (November 13 to 17) and Children’s Rights Day (November 20), CM1, CM2 and 6è students took part in a sequence on well-being, including philosophical debate, vocabulary, art, art history and body-mapping.

Emphasis was placed on the link between children’s rights and the right to well-being, according to the International Convention on the Rights of the Child: to have decent living conditions, the right to play and have leisure activities, the right to have a family, to be surrounded and loved.

On Monday November 6 and Friday November 10, pupils from the CM1B (S. Morhain), CM1/CM2 (L. Lagouche) and 6eB (M. Mutisya and S. Breger) classes worked together with the help of artist Xavier Verhoest, to create body-mappings.

This activity of body-mapping enabled students to express their states of well-being, both with themselves and with others, both physically and artistically. Lines, colors and questions were invaluable aids.

This sequence ended on November 20 with an artistic happening “A forest of body mapping for well-being” in the elementary school playground. A few students from Slum Soka in Kibera, who had also created body-mapping thanks to the intervention of art teacher M. Mutisya, were invited for the morning.

This activity was also an opportunity to strengthen inter-cycle links for Cycle 3 teachers, ensuring not only continuity of learning but also a smoother learning path for our pupils.

Here’s a look back at the different activities.

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