LFDD students bond with I-Afrika Children

On January 26th, 2024, 30 students of 4e SIB had an unforgettable experience. They had the opportunity to visit I-Afrika Children’s Home and meet the children there.

Upon arrival, they were warmly welcomed by the manager, who shared the background history of the children’s home and outlined the day’s program.

Later, the students split into groups to better acquaint themselves with each other and to introduce themselves. They also had the chance to listen to several stories from the children, which deepened their bond. Additionally, they taught them some French, fostering a sense of connection through language. They also interviewed them based on questions they had prepared in class to get finer details to later write press articles for their SIB folder.

Following this, they embarked on a tour of the facility and engaged in various games like football and basketball, promoting interaction and camaraderie. The atmosphere was filled with solidarity and laughter.

After lunch, a boy bravely shared his story with the students. He spoke of the hardships he faced living on the streets, being wrongly accused of theft, and enduring police brutality. He also shared how drugs had ravaged his health and life.

The visit to I-Afrika Children’s Home taught the students of LFDD important lessons about resilience, empathy, and community. They learned about the challenges faced by less fortunate individuals fostering compassion and understanding. Hearing the personal stories of the children, especially the hardships shared by one boy, reinforced their commitment to social justice. Overall, the experience left a lasting impression, inspiring the students to make

a positive difference in the lives of others and appreciate their own privileges.


On Friday 8th March 2024, the students participated in the long awaited Charity Run at Arboretum. It was a fun costume run and it was amusing to see them in their pyjamas. 10 children from the Children’s home joined the team and took part in all the activities proposed for the day.

Team Jasho, a running club in the city, took the entire team through fun team building activities and then led the run through the routes they had mapped out. After the 5-km run, the tired students sat together in small groups and took packed lunch which was provided for everyone, including the children from the Home. The director of the home, Peter Nduati, was very grateful to the school.

The students are now very motivated to complete their project and a link to the photos and videos inclusive of the different activities will be available after the visit where we will present a big dummy cheque with the final amount and other donations.

The 4e SIB team is truly grateful to the entire school community and their families and friends for incredible support.


4e SIB teachers: Margaret NANGITHIA, Ruth Kwendo, Mary Gathuru

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